Top Recommendations When Visiting Washington D.C.

Hello everyone and welcome back to our website. We hope you enjoyed our last post and are excited for future ones. As we said last, this post is going to be all about where to stay, eat and what to do while in D.C. Let’s start with where to stay!

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Ed and Isabella stayed at the JW Marriott Washington DC which is a very modern and elegant hotel, only a ten minute walk from the White House. The rooms are very comfortable and spacious and they come with a TV and coffeemaker. Upgraded rooms offer a view to the cities with floor length windows and even a possible balcony. The rooms are air-conditioned and have comfortable beds. The hotel offers 24-hour room service and complimentary breakfast (there is the option of a paid ‘alle carte’ menu), snacks and drinks. Inside the hotel you will find a heated pool, hot tub, fitness and business center, restaurant, bar and laundry service. The hotel is kid-friendly as well, so it’s a perfect place to stay if you are traveling with kids. The two downsides to the hotel is that WiFi is not paid for and neither is parking if you are planning to drive there. Despite these two amenities, the hotel is the perfect place to stay when visiting the city.screen-shot-2017-08-13-at-3-02-45-pm.png

As for restaurants, we can recommend two of different types. The first is the Oceanaire Seafood Room. By the name I’m sure you guessed already that this restaurant serves seafood, and of the freshest kind. The Oceanaire can serve all sizes of parties for any occasion. Each dish is carefully prepared to ensure that the finest quality of flavor are presented.

The second is Ristsorante I Ricchi. This restaurant serves authentic Tuscan and regional Italian cuisine. Here you will find new and updated twists on classic recipes, wines that are 100% from Italian wineries and a wood burning hearth that the taste of a Tuscan grill on all dishes. The restaurant also makes their own homemade pasta which is a steal because it can be difficult to located restaurants that do so. After dining here, you will feel as if you had just been transported to Tuscany, even if it was for a little while.

Lastly, what to do! We could easily say to go see everything you possibly can while visiting but, unless you are planning to stay there for a while, that would be nearly impossible. You can however, go read our previous post, which is linked down below, you read what we did and why we loved it. In order for you to get the most out of your visit and what you see and learn, the next spots are our top picks for your trip and how we would recommend spending one day.

After a hardy breakfast, off to Georgetown it would be. Because of the countless number of stores there, crowds can grow quick, so we would say the earlier you go is better to avoid this. Staying here for about an hour will give you enough time to see the town as well as not become sweltered by heat. Since the day is still young, now would be the best time to jump in a cab and drive across the city and the Potomac River to the Arlington Cemetery. There you can find endless rows of graves where loved ones are remembered and honored. Now you can visit this site via bus, although because all the tour busses will be taking several stops along the way, this will take much longer.

Now it comes time for lunch. At well reviewed, nearby spot is the Great Harvest Bread Company. Next up on the agenda is museum touring. The day will now be hot and you’ll want to be inside and air conditioned building. Because there are numerous museums in DC we cannot possibly tell you which one to go to, this will be decided upon your preference. What we can tell you, is each museum will be generated around a certain topic so choose wisely! Depending on how long you stay at the museum, you may not want to do any more site-seeing directly after, so, your well earned rest time will lie here.  Now you can relax at your hotel, respond to emails or jump in a pool.



It’s evening now and your hungry. Dinner would be your solution. You can go to one ofthe two recommended spots or a place of your own discovery. After dinner we would suggest taking a walk along The Mall. Doing this now will allow you to catch a glimpse of the sunset on the Reflecting Pool. Doing this does not take too long and you will be able to see all major monuments from The Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument to The Capital without becoming weary.




Well my friends, it has come to the time where we say goodbye for now. We hope you consider our recommendation and that you are planning your trip to the wonderful city. We will be back soon with exciting stories from our most recent trip!

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