Our family has had a love for traveling since the very beginning. Our family includes Edward, Michelle, Isabella and we can’t forget about our adorable puppy Martyna although she hasn’t traveled with us! We have been traveling for several years now exploring and getting to know different cultures and parts of the world better. In the past five years we have visited London, Paris, Italy, Scotland, Germany, Amsterdam, China, Arizona, California, Kansas City MO, Washington D.C. and Maine. What makes us excited to travel is to discover what makes a place different from our home, New York. We enjoy seeing new cultures and how they live, eat, communicate and represent their country. As well as seeing a new culture before our eyes, hearing one is also important. As a family language has also been something that’s been present in our lives since the beginning. Whether it’s having parent talking to you in one language and you responding in another, or learning new languages at school or from friends, going somewhere and seeing the language evolve around you changes your perception of it.

At The Great Wall

Our goal for this website is to inspire other to travel to places they may not have thought otherwise, or simply give advice and suggestions of what we enjoyed doing and what we would recommend to do in a certain place. We hope that you can learn something new and that you continue to come back to see our most recent trips!